A body positive influencer has answered fan questions on her Instagram page – including why she’s stopped shaving her body hair.

Megan Jayne Crabbe is one of the most followed body positivity Instagram stars to come out of the UK with a whopping 1.3million followers.

The 28-year-old, from Essex, has documented her journey to loving herself after struggling with anorexia as a teenager and binge eating disorder.

According to the Daily Mail, the Essex lass weighed a terrifying 28 kilograms at her thinnest after being diagnosed with the disease aged 14 – that’s around 4st 4lb.

After realising she must “gain weight or die” Megan then developed binge eating disorder and weighed 81kg – that’s 12st 7lb.

Now, having recovered from her ordeal, she promotes self-love to her followers and appreciating the body you’re in.

And, recently, part of that has been not shaving off her body hair.

In an Instagram Story, Megan was asked: “What inspired you to let your body hair grow? I love it.”

The influencer replied: “I kinda just stopped giving a f**k.

“And, I realised I’d never once in my entire life (since she started growing) just let her exist?

“She grows out of my body and I’ve never even met her properly?

“I might go back to shaving at some point, but I’d like to be sure that it’s truly or me, not for a partner, for the male gaze, for fear of being judged.

“It’s nice to meet new parts of myself.”

Thanks to her body positive message and glamorous social media presence, Megan has made headlines around the world in recent years and was even a finalist in the Shorty Awards.

And, she has even published a book “Body Positive Power: Because Life Is Already Happening and You Don't Need Flat Abs to Live It” for anyone struggling with their self image.

We’d recommend checking it out!

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