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A woman was left red-faced as she accidentally exposed herself on Google Maps Street View during a bike ride.

The Google feature often captures people on camera without them knowing.

This can sometimes result in some rather awkward consequences.

And that was no different for a blonde woman who was out for a brisk bike ride.

The unidentifiable woman can be seen on Street View from the back, as her long blonde hair is on show.

However, as well as her locks in full view, so is her underwear unfortunately.

The woman's red thong can been seen as her black cycling shorts slip down during her cycle.

Luckily the top half of her is still covered up as she wears a warm black jumper.

Eek, at least her face wasn't captured so her blushes were saved.

The awkward shot comes after a man was recently seen pulling down his shorts to reveal his bare bum on Google Maps.

The bald, topless man decided to drop his trousers and underwear as the iconic Google car, equipped with a camera on top, passed him by.

The hilarious photo was taken in the municipality of As Pontes de Garcia Rodriguez in A Coruna province, in Spain's north-western region of Galicia.

People were determined to find out who the mystery flasher was as the photo went viral after it was shown on TV programme Land Rober Tunai Show on a local telly channel.

However, it's not yet thought the cheeky man has come forward yet to reveal his identity.

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