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We said the country’s fate rested in the hands of four men – Field Marshals Sir John French and Earl Kitchener – who was later to appear on the famous Army recruitment poster – and Rear Admiral C E Madden and Admiral Sir John Jellicoe. 

47 years ago (1975) The Forestry Commission reported Dutch elm disease had spread north after a tree in Wakefield, West Yorks, tested positive for the fungus.

More than a third of southern England’s 23 million elms had perished in the outbreak, which was traced back to Canadian timber imported in 1968.

12 years ago (2010) Thirty-three copper miners in Copiapo, Chile, became trapped after a tunnel collapsed.

The men were entombed 700 metres below ground, three miles from the mine’s entrance.

The world watched as the men were finally rescued alive after 69 days.

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