In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, all with different qualities and characteristics. 

For Best Life, astrologer Lauren Ash shared which zodiac sign will have their “luckiest day of the year” today on August 17.

Sagittarius’ luck is looking up for the next 24 hours, and they should ensure they maximise their potential in this time.

This sign may not feel they have had the most exciting year so far, with few opportunities to “spread [their] wings”.

Despite their “carefree spirit”, Sagittarius had likely experienced many changes in their “inner world and relationships” resulting in some instability.

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However, this sign can expect to feel much more aligned today than usual, and should use the next 24 hours wisely.

While impulsive Sagittarius is not a “planner” by nature, today is the perfect day to “plan to do something special”.

Forget your chores and any mundane activities today – you never know what might happen if you set out to do something a little out of the ordinary.

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Lauren added: “Venus will be activating your sense of wanderlust and desire to travel.”

The astrologer suggested that Sagittarius venture outside of their local area.

She advised: “If you’ve been putting off seeing friends in another state or you’ve got some paid time off (PTO) that needs using, this is the time to pack your bags and get a new perspective beyond your office.”

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According to Co-Star, Sagittarius is a loud character with “no indoor voice” and they “form opinions off of pure emotion”.

They are highly self-aware and “obsessed with self-improvement”, always determined to achieve their potential.

Sagittarius is the “friendliest person at the party” and honest to their core, so makes a great friend and confidante.

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