ASDA is selling a new Southern fried chicken pizza, but it's becoming as controversial as pineapple on pizza is.

It's not the chicken that's scaring people, but rather having gravy instead of tomato sauce.

The new pizza is described as having a rich gravy base topped with tangy cheese, succulent southern fried chicken pieces and sweetcorn.

You also get a sachet of extra gravy that can either be drizzled on top or used as a dipping sauce.

The new Asda speciality was shared on Facebook and Instagram by foodie blogger NewFoodsUK who said: "This sounds very interesting indeed, now available at Asda."

Unfortunately, some commentators on the post weren't keen on the new invention, with one person going so far as to say the idea made them feel "sick".

Other people chimed in, agreeing that gravy should be nowhere near a pizza. Emma said: "look at this actual abomination". And Clair added:
"No! I’m a gravy lover but this is wrong!"

However, not everyone was against the gravy pizza. Some argued that it wasn't as weird as pineapple on a pizza, a commonly divisive subject.

Scott said: "If pineapples can go on a pizza, gravy can." But Andrea countered: "What f***ery is this? First pineapple now b***ard gravy?? Sick!! Just sick."

For lots of people, the gravy wasn't even the problem. Several said they thought the idea was great, but that they wouldn't like the sweetcorn.

For instance Holly said: "To be fair the worst part of this is the sweet corn," and Lauren added: "OMG I need one of these minus the sweetcorn lol."

Lots of other people pointed out that Pizza Hut and KFC worked together on a similar collaboration, which turned out to be quite popular, and added that they'd be happy to try Asda's offering.

However, questions were raised about whether the Asda gravy would be as tasty as the fast food chain's speciality. For instance Kev said: "It’s not going to be anywhere near as good as KFS gravy."

Despite the naysayers, there were also plenty of people who were clamouring to try the new pizza.

Tony said: "Gravy goes with anything – lovely stuff" and Shirley said: "My son would love this chicken & gravy."

And the few people who'd managed to try one already said that the pizza was decent.

Steve said: "Had it the other day, was surprisingly nice, although the chicken is a bit heavy for the base so grab a fork too!"

The pizza is not available online, but you can pick it up in Asda stores up and down the UK.

It normally costs £3, but you can also get it much cheaper as part of Asda's £5 movie meal deal, which is being relaunched in stores.

The hugely popular offer gives you two medium pizzas from the pizza counter, a soft drink and a Sky Movie voucher or a free adult Vue Cinema ticket (worth up to £10!) – all for a fiver.

The Asda movie and film promotion is running until November, and a wide variety of medium pizzas are available, including the southern fried chicken and gravy.

You can find your nearest Asda using the store locator tool.

Asda commented: "We’re proud to provide our customers with great value and innovative products to celebrate any occasion.

"Whether you’re planning a family Friday night in, or an action-packed movie night at the cinema, we want to help our customers enjoy a fun-filled evening in without a costly price tag.”

Asda’s new £6 meal deal gets you two pizzas, one side and four beers – saving £6.50.

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