When Billie the Labrador’s owner realised she gets separation anxiety, she knew she had to do something to help her poor pooch.

It didn’t take long for Anna Love, 22, from Florida, US, to learn that Billie, six months old, hated being on her own.

Anna said: ‘Billie is so sweet and friendly with everyone and all dogs, but she does not like to be left alone.

‘She definitely has separation anxiety and gets anxious in cars too.’

So Anna decided that what Billie needed was her own little pal to keep her company – enter Gus, Billie’s new blonde baby brother.

‘We wanted her to have a snuggle buddy that she felt safe with so I could get some work done in the day,’ said Anna.

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‘Gus helps keep her calm and gives her another buddy to play with when we’re busy.

‘We were worried that Gus wouldn’t be as sweet or cuddly as Billie, or that he wouldn’t like her. Truth is, he loves her more than me or my husband could have imagined.’

Little Gus has helped his big sister grow in confidence like never before.

‘Gus has helped Billie be more independent,’ said Anna, ‘and he also doesn’t crave attention like she did before.

‘So now Billie is more independent and knows that it’s okay to do her own thing.’

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