An American living in the UK admitted they are 'underwhelmed' by tourist attractions after mistaking a sewer for a waterfall.

Yes, you read that right.

After relocating across the pond, the US expat has found themselves baffled by the day-to-day life upon the British Isles.

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The American, who posts under @swfinds, boasts 112,000 TikTok followers where they document their often bizarre culture shock.

From being confused as to why Brits park in their 'living rooms' to the reasoning behind supermarkets with clock towers, the sights across the UK have also left a sour taste in their mouth.

In a recent clip, the American decided to eye up some of the 'finest' attractions the UK has to offer – but they were not impressed.

"Can someone please tell me why all tourist attractions in the UK are so underwhelming, this waterfall was tiny?" they write in the viral video.

Well, they might have been less underwhelmed if they actually visited the correct water feature.

Instead of viewing a natural wonder, the American soaked up the view of a sewer…

Guess that explains their harsh review!

Since being posted, the video racked up thousands of views and endless amounts of comments from Brits who poked fun at the American's observations.

One person commented: "Not a waterfall mate."

Another user added: "It’s not, it’s a bloody drain."

While a third Brit mocked: "It gets more visitors than Buckingham Palace. Mostly Americans In sandals and white socks."

Someone else blasted: "Can someone tell me why you criticize everything in the UK?"

Meanwhile, a fifth jibed: "You should jump in it not like a sewer or anything."


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