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Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser is popular this time of year, however the premium price point is much more expensive than Aldi’s under £40 version.

Ambiano Black Hot Chocolate Maker

£39.99 View Deal

The Ambiano Specialbuy can be used to make hot chocolate with chocolate flakes, or to make foamed milk for other drinks. It heats the drink to perfect drinking temperature to be enjoyed immediately, and is £60 cheaper than the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. It’s just been restocked but Aldi’s popular products often sell out quickly, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on one.

Aldi’s Specialbuys are popular with many, and new products are released every Sunday and Thursday.

Many of the products currently being released are Christmas-themed decorations and warming products for Winter.

The Ambiano Black Hot Chocolate Maker has just been restocked, after selling out previously, and is priced at £39.99, which is £60 cheaper than Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser.

Buy: Ambiano Black Hot Chocolate Maker (£39.99)

Although the hot chocolate maker is ideal for making hot chocolate, it can also be used as a milk frother, to create foamed milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

The device heats drinks to around 65 degrees, which is a drinkable temperature and enables users to enjoy immediately, rather than waiting to cool.

To make the perfect hot chocolate, Aldi recommends filling the jug with milk, using the guidance lined within the hot chocolate maker, and then adding in grated chocolate flakes before pressing the button to create the drink.

The device would make a great, affordable gift for someone who loves hot chocolate, or to be used alongside a coffee machine as a milk frother.

The product has some reviews from customers, with some saying they ”Cannot recommend this enough.”

Pepper said: ”It is nicely made and feels solid, I was worried it would be flimsy. It is an attractive and sleek design. Comes with everything you need including both the whisk and a stirring paddle. I especially love the little notch in the lid to store whichever paddle you are not using.”

Harrymilo also added: ”If you follow the instructions and use the correct whisk and volume of milk you’ll get a decent size mug of quality hot choc at the perfect temperature. Follow the instructions tbh it’s not difficult. Buy or grate chocolate flakes for the best hot choc. Cannot recommend this enough.”

Aldi offers free standard delivery on orders of over £30, so shoppers can also save money on postage, but those who want to purchase it should be quick before the stock sells out.

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