Some Aldi employees feel awkward about a bag rule.

In selected stores, customers can reportedly be refused service if they don't hand over their bags to be searched by security.

While this makes shoplifting more difficult, it may make shoppers feel uncomfortable.

A supermarket worker told The Grocer Magazine that the policy was introduced at their store last week.

They said: "We are asking that they allow us to look in the bags to see if they are empty. We have been asking to look in the bags to make sure none of our items are in there”.

Those who decline to be searched are apparently refused service, although this hasn't happened in this particular store yet.

Aldi employees have also taken to Facebook to speak about the rule.

One said: "New policy at Aldi, all empty shopping bags must be on the belt plus all shopping."

Meanwhile, another Aldi worker noted it was an "awful feeling" having to ask customers to hand over their bags.

An Aldi spokesperson told The Mirror it's not a "national policy" and can vary from store to store.

Measures have apparently been around since May – and they're not compulsory.

An Aldi spokesperson said the bag check policy has been rolled out into "some stores" as a short-term measure.

This may be due to an increase in theft during the cost of living crisis.

The supermarket insider reiterated that the checks are only ever carried out with the consent of shoppers.

They added that shopping bags are the only items being searched – and not handbags or personal bags.

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