Woman claims she almost lost her top lip after a cosmetic doctor accidentally injected filler into an artery in her face and cut off the blood supply to her mouth

  •  A woman who got dermal filler was rushed to trauma care for potential necrosis
  •  Chandra Morton, 26, saved up $750 to have 0.5ml of filler injected in her top lip
  • She found she had a vascular occlusion after her face blistered and turned white

A young woman claims she almost lost her top lip after filler injections went horribly wrong.

Chandra Morton, 26, from Johnson City, Tennessee, claims she is lucky to still have her top lip after filler was accidentally injected into an artery in her face.

The waitress says her face changed colour and white blisters began to appear due to vascular occlusion – which happens when circulation of oxygen is blocked from the area.

She claims she has lost a small chunk of her top lip, but says that she is grateful that the doctor eventually manage to fix the issue before she lost even more of her lip to necrosis.

Chandra Morton almost lost her top lip after a hyaluronic acid filler treatment went terribly wrong

Chandra prior to getting her lip fillers was insecure about her top lip which inspired her to get the treatment done

Chandra a few days on from her lips fillers having gone wrong, her face had started turned white 

Chandra added: ‘I wanted to get lip fillers because I had always felt insecure about my top lip.’

‘So many people have had their lips done and I thought it would be fine. I was looking forward to having fuller lips.

‘However, as soon as I had the procedure done, my lips felt so numb and started turning white.

‘Eventually the colour of my face changed and more and more white blisters kept appearing.’

Chandra’s lips and face started to turn worrying shades of white and blue from the blockage in her blood vessel before she received medical attention

Before receiving treatment, her tissue was turning necrotic and causing her severe pain due to the lack of blood flow

‘I was absolutely terrified and I was in so much pain.’

‘I was told that if I waited a day longer I would have lost my entire top lip to necrosis.’

‘I lost a small part of my top lip and I have some scarring around my mouth, but eventually the doctor managed to reverse the damage using hyaluronic acid.’

‘I just want to raise awareness of the risks that come with these procedures.’

Pictured after healing, Chandra’s lips are now getting back to normal, despite a small part of her top lip falling off

Now Chandra’s lips are healed (pictured) she has been left with some minor scarring above her top lip

Chandra’s face blistered after the treatment and she was in a considerable amount of pain, which lead her to phone the doctor

In March 2021, Chandra saved up for a month to have the $750 procedure done.

She had 0.5ml injected into her top lip and couldn’t wait to see the results.’

Chandra, who has decided not to name the doctor, said: ‘Although I am scared of needles, I was so excited to have it done.

‘The procedure was super quick and over within 15 minutes but it was so painful I almost passed out.’

Prior to receiving medical attention, Chandra kept noticing more white patches appear when she looked in the mirror

During her treatment to dissolve the filler, Chandra received a total of 13 shots of hyaluronic acid in her face. Pictured once her healing had started

Chandra’s procedure was over within 15 minutes but was so painful she almost passed out, then she noticed her lips were white the next day (pictured) and freaked out

‘On the way home my lips were still so numb and I noticed them going white. I wasn’t sure if this was normal but I tried not to think too much of it.’

‘Later on my face became so painful and stung. I kept checking the mirror and more white spots were appearing.’

‘I was panicking so I emailed them during the evening but as it was a Saturday I didn’t hear back. I cried the whole way through the night.’

‘The next morning my face was even whiter and I was freaking out. It kept getting worse.’

Chandra cried through the night after a painful sleep, and waited for her doctor’s reply about what could be wrong

Now Chandra has healed (pictured) she decided she’ll never get her face injected again, and warns others of the dangers

Despite Chandra’s doctor not replying the day after her treatment (pictured) he kept in touch with her for two months afterwards to make sure everything was okay

‘On Monday I eventually managed to have a call with the doctor and he video called me to see how my face looked.’

‘As soon as he saw me he started freaking out and said that in 12 years of doing filler, he had never seen anything like this.’

Chandra claims the phone call worried her as the doctor revealed she would probably need to have it dissolved.

She says that she called other clinics for a second opinion, and after emailing over pictures she was told to get seen immediately.

Chandra pictured the day after her treatment, she claimed to have no medical support until two days after the pain started

To help heal her lips post medical care, Chandra received cream and medication to help with scaring. Pictured after healing

The day after receiving her lip filler Chandra was unaware that the pain she was suffering was caused by a vascular occlusion 

Chandra added: ‘A doctor from a different clinic told me that I had vascular occlusion and that I could have necrosis setting in.’

‘I went back to the doctor who done my filler and he injected four shots of hyaluronic acid to try and fix the issue.’

‘It was so painful and I was screaming while it was happening.

‘I went back home thinking that it seemed better but more blisters were appearing and my face was still going whiter.’

After being in pain for some time, Chandra revealed the phone call with her doctor worried her as it became clear she needed to have her dissolved. Pictured during the treatment

Chandra’s lips began to heal following the treatment of four shots of hyaluronic acid to try and fix the issue

Before receiving the treatment to fix her lips, Chandra’s face continued to turn white and become more painful

Before receiving medical help, Chandra could barely eat any food due to the amount of pain the condition was causing her

‘The next day I had to go back again for nine more shots of hyaluronic acid in my face.’

‘My whole face was so swollen and I hadn’t eaten for almost a week because of the amount of pain my mouth had been in.’

‘The doctor had finally corrected his mistakes and after also going to trauma care, I was told I luckily didn’t need to use a hyperbaric tank, and I was given some numbing cream and medication to help with scaring.’

‘A little chunk of my lip did fall off and I still have some scarring around my lips but it is a reminder to never put anything in my face again.’

‘The doctor kept in touch with me for two months to make sure everything was okay. He took care of me afterwards and tried to make things right.’

‘I’m not trying to scare people, I just want to raise awareness of the risks that come with getting filler injected into your face.’

‘I will never do anything like this again.’

The doctor – who has not been named on the request of Chandra – has been contacted for a right of reply.

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