Like top entertainers, athletes are one of the highest-paid professionals globally. Fat salaries, image rights, and bumper endorsement deals are a few reasons their annual income is enormous. According to a report by Forbes, most of the wealthiest professionals (who are non-entrepreneurs) are athletes. This is why they live lavish lives, buy expensive properties globally, and possess expensive car garages. 32-year-old Formula One driver, Daniel Ricciardo is no exception as he is known for spending big on properties and cars. He currently co-owns a brewery in France and also owns an expensive mansion in Hollywood. However, his expensive supercars are the most impressive items in his asset collection. Listed below are the supercars in the garage of the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix winner

8 Toyota Hilux ($20,000)

In his interviews, Ricciardo mentioned that this was his first car as he got it as a gift from his parents in 2006. The racer also talked about how this powerful vehicle helped him become a better driver and propelled his career. Ricciardo never stops talking about how unique this automobile is to him and he drives it around to remember his humble beginning. To buy this SUV, one would spend approximately $20,000.

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7 Renault Megane RS ($40,000)

As a Renault driver in 2019, Ricciardo told the press that he owns a Renault Megane RS car in his garage. At the time, the automobile was the fastest in its limited series. Unlike most of his cars, its design is simple and very classy. The speed of a regular Renault Megane RS can go as high as 150mph. To own this car today, one must cough out $40,0000.

6 Porsche 911 GT3 RS ($162,000)

The Australian racer’s love for Porsches is profound, as he also possesses this hybrid car in his garage. However, according to Ricciardo, this powerful automobile lives in his mansion in Monaco. Its exterior design screams luxury and its interior is equally class. However, the most fantastic feature of this automobile is its immense functionalities which are captivating and exciting. This supercar can accelerate from 0-100 KM/H in 3.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of almost 200mph. This car is one of the most exciting Porsche cars to drive around. This is why Ricciardo prefers to cruise it on the streets of Monte Carlo, Monaco. The starting price of this car today is $162,000.

5 Aston Martin Vantage ($300,000)

Ricciardo’s former deal with Aston Martin Red Bull could be why the athlete loves Aston Martin cars. The racer confirmed in 2017 that he owns the V12 version of this elegantly-designed supercar. Like most supercars, it is a limited edition with only about 333 in circulation. The car is powered via a 5.2 Liter AE31 twin-turbocharged V12 engine and an 8-speed ZF 8HP75 automatic transmission. This is why it can accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 3.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of almost 200 MPH. The starting price of this super-fast car today is $300,000.

4 McLaren 720S ($300,000)

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Ricciardo loves luxury cars, and the McLaren man also owns this incredible supercar in his garage. The McLaren 720S, manufactured by McLaren Automotive, is an advanced model of the elegant 650S. This blue beauty is fast and can go from 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds. This is possible because of its 4.0 L M840T twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which also ensures the automobile hits a top speed of 212 MPH. It is fully hybrid and powered by a 7-speed Graziano dual-clutch transmission. Surprisingly, there are reports that Ricciardo acquired this machine before he signed his contract with McLaren. However, to own this car today, one would have to part away with $300,000.

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3 McLaren 675 LT ($350,000)

It is no surprise that Ricciardo owns this supercar, as many famous athletes also own it in their garage. However, like most supercars, it is a limited edition with only 500 pieces. It was created as a lighter version of the McLaren 650S, using a single-piece carbon fiber mono cell to increase its rigidity. It is super fast and can accelerate from 0–62 mph in 2.9 seconds. Its 3.8 Liter twin-turbocharged M838T V8 engine also boosts it to reach a top speed of 205 MPH. Its performance is also topnotch because of its lightweight and 7-speed Graziano SSG dual-clutch transmission. Like the MCLAREN 720S, Ricciardo reportedly acquired this beauty before his deal with McLaren. To coup this supercar today, one would be willing to spend $350,000.

2 Porsche 918 Spyder ($845,000)

This is another limited edition supercar in the garage of the 2021 Italian Grand Prix winner. Known for its speed and stunning design, it is one of the three Porsche supercars today. All 900 pieces of the car can move from 0-60 MPH in 2.6 seconds and can hit a top speed of 211 mph. This is possible because the 2 electric motors boost its 4.6 L Porsche MR6 V8 engine. It is also fully hybrid and powered by a 7-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. The breathtaking features of this 2015 supercar convinced Ricciardo to splash $845,000 on it.

1 Aston Martin Valkyrie ($3 million)

This limited-production hybrid sports car is rumored to be owned by just 150 persons. The design and specification of this supercar are unique, and its exterior finishing is superb. It is powered by a 6.5 Liter V12 engine, with a speed of 250 mph. This top speed is courtesy of a 160hp (119kW) electric motor boosting its engine. It is fully hybrid and possesses a 7-speed single-clutch transmission. These features make this supercar one of the closest to a privately-owned F1 car. No wonder Ricciardo didn’t hesitate to spend a whopping $3 million on the supercar.

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