HIKERS, ramblers and every day walkers know when they've found a pair of the best men's hiking boots – and not for love of trying.

Finding a good pair of walking boots are often what prevents injuries and blisters, and can help you take on terrains ranging from mountains to the local park with the dog with ease – but it can be overwhelming shopping for the best pair.

A good boot will offer support to your ankle to prevent it from rolling or straining in unstable terrain. The sole should provide enough grip so you don't slip on the grass, or into rocky crevices on unstable ground.

You'll also need some solid waterproof foot protection, as there are few things worse than soggy feet when you're trekking through the wilderness – especially in uncertain British weather!

Most importantly of all, they need to be comfortable. If they fit well and don't rub, you won't have to worry about blisters.

If you need help narrowing down the best hiking boots for men to help you reach your peak, our guide has rounded up some of the best on the market right now.

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