THE best compost bin for your home will depend on what you plan to compost and how big your space is.

We explain what to look for and reveal some of the most popular options.

Types of compost bins

You can buy four main types of compost bins.

The most popular and widely available are the plastic ones. They help keep out light to stop weeds growing, and keep in heat and moisture to speed up the composting process.

Hot compost bins are a little more expensive, and they are better insulated to speed up the composting process from six months to 30 to 90 days.

Wormeries are great for composting kitchen waste, and uses worms for the process. But you may still need a separate composter as worms can’t process all organic waste.

Finally there are kitchen composters, which are usually small caddies that you use to store kitchen waste and then transfer to larger composters.

But you can also get high end ones that can process kitchen waste with the help of bacteria to actually produce compost right in your kitchen.

How to choose a compost bin

Size is the main consideration when choosing a compost bin.

If you have lots of grass clippings or garden waste, you’ll need a bigger bin and the plastic or hot box ones are the best options.

For these, you should look for ease of access to the finished compost and how easy it is to aerate if you want to speed up the process by turning the contents.

Those who live in small flats or homes without gardens might prefer a wormery or kitchen composter if they don’t like bugs.

Best compost bins you can buy

To help you we looked at expert opinions to identify the best compost bins available today.

1. Thermo-King 900 litre compost bin

  • Thermo-King 900L compost bin, £142.99 from – buy here

If you need something a little larger for your garden, then opt for the Thermo-King – a 900-litre bin that will eat up just about everything.

The easy-lock system means no tools are needed to build it, with two access panels making it easy to load and unload.

It's ideal for big gardens.

2. Blackwall 220L compost bin

  • Blackwall 220L compost bin, £21.60 from Evergreener – buy here

The Blackwall 220L is a popular and affordable option with millions sold in Britain.

Solid and sturdy, it has an extra large access hatch so it's easy to get out the finished compost.

3. 4smile garden composter

  • 4smile garden composter, £31.75 from Amazon – buy here

This two-tier composter will transform your waste in just six months.

The anthracite bin is weatherproof and has an ample 300 litre capacity for waste.

A favourite among users and experts, it clicks together without the need for any tools, with the sliding drawer giving you instant access to your fertiliser.

4. Hotbin composter

  • Hotbin composter, £274.99 from eBay – buy here

The award-winning Hotbin wowed experts with the quality of its compost – and how fast it produces it.

Its super thick 50mm walls keep the compost warm and dry, with an internal thermometer allowing you to keep track of temperature for optimum operation.

5. Utopia Kitchen stainless steel compost bin 

  • Utopia Kitchen stainless steel compost bin, £26.70 from Amazon – buy here

This compost bin is perfect if you need something for your kitchen waste.

With a capacity of 5L, it is made of high quality stainless steel for optimal longevity and durability.

Thanks to its beautiful design, you can easily store it on the kitchen top.

6. OXO Good Grips easy clean compost bin

  • OXO Good Grips easy clean compost bin, £27.24 from Amazon – buy here

Busy cooks will love this compost bin.

With a 6.6L capacity, it's the perfect size for storing food scraps until it can be emptied into a compost bin.

Its smooth interior walls help to make clean up easier too.

7. Toomax 260L plastic garden composter

  • Toomax 260L Plastic Garden Composter, £30 from Argos – buy here

With a 260L capacity, this garden composter is made of strong, recycled polypropylene for resistance to weather damage and durability.

Serious gardeners might prefer a larger model but it's ideal for those with small to medium size outdoor space.

It comes flat pack and takes minutes to assemble – a hassle free option.

How does a compost bin work and what can you put in it?

A compost bin basically allows organic waste to pile up and decompose with the help of bacteria and sometimes worms.

Most organic waste can go in, including vegetable trimmings, grass clippings, tree leaves and even shredded paper and cardboard boxes.

Ideally you’ll want a good mixture of different things, and aerate the contents of your compost bin, to help speed up the composting process.

While you can put in things like leftover food, especially meat and dairy products, and animal droppings, you may not want to as these can attract pests and produce a bad smell while they’re decomposing.

You should also avoid composting weeds or diseased plants as you might end up spreading the weeds or disease around your garden when you come to apply it to your soil.


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