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A Ratatouille attraction is on its way to Epcot this Oct. 1, which happens to be the 50-year anniversary of the first time Walt Disney World opened its doors. Disney confirmed the news in a 2017 announcement about permits received for the Disney World attraction, which will be located in a new section of the France pavilion. If you’re a huge fan of the animated film that follows Remy’s heartwarming culinary adventures in Paris, you’ll be pleased to know that the ride will shrink you to Chef Remy’s size “as you scurry through Gusteau’s famous restaurant on a wild adventure for the whole family.”

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What’s coming to Epcot sounds like it will be very close to the popular Ratatouille ride and themed restaurant at Disneyland Paris. “The new attraction is expected to be a ride that will either be the same or similar to the trackless Ratatouille: The Adventure attraction located in Disneyland Paris,” Disney confirmed.

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