A 21ST birthday used to equate with becoming a full adult: voting rights.

These days, it's still a birthday loaded with symbolic meaning, even though 21-year-olds have been legally drinking and voting for a few years. The best 21st birthday gifts for her can make her feel super special – and we've rounded up some great options.

Jewellery is the obvious starting point: it works wonderfully well for a daughter, granddaughter, niece or goddaughter.

Makeup will also always be a hit: instead of getting her something from a high street brand, try a designer makeup palette she wouldn't likely be able to afford on her own.

Something personalised also works a treat, whether it's a monogrammed champers glass or a luxurious clothing item (silk pyjamas, perhaps?).

21-year-olds live their lives on their phones and social media, so any gift that helps them preserve memories will be a good one (even if they don't realise it yet).

From gadget gifts that turn their millions of phone pictures into tangible items to decorate their rooms with to notebooks to write memories down in, these keepsake gifts will help them treasure moments in time for years to come.

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