There’s never a dull moment in Bravo’s Summer House. The reality TV show cast knows just how to party it up in the Hamptons. Whether the crew’s lounging by the pool, having a family dinner, or sipping Loverboy hard tea in the kitchen, there are always plenty of sassy moments going on. All of the flirting and searching for love has viewers excitedly tuning in on a weekly basis, which is precisely why Summer House quotes will make the best Valentine’s Day captions for your selfies with your SO.

The Hamptons seems to be a prime spot for summer romance. Take some inspo from Season 5, and treat yourself to a Summer House-themed evening in your own home this V-Day. You could enjoy champagne and kisses in a rosewater bath like Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke with your SO, or drink rosé like you’re relaxing by the pool in your swimsuits. Snap a sippin’ selfie with your bae that you can post right away with a Summer House quote, like Lindsay Hubbard’s line, "I put a spell on you."

Whether you create a V-Day theme with your SO, and post a silly pose along with Kyle’s line, "We are perfect for each other," or grab a throwback selfie from a beach vacay you took together, use these Summer House quotes to spread some sass and flirt it up on your feed.

1. "OK, we know his type." — Jules

2. "We’re stronger than we’ve ever been." — Amanda

3. "What you don’t realize is, I put a spell on you." — Lindsay

4. "Life is perfect." — Amanda

5. "We’re having fun." — Paige

6. "I know how this is going to end." — Kyle

7. "Never before has it been clearer that we are perfect for each other." — Kyle

8. "Let’s turn up, like, let’s get the party started." — Lindsay

9. "It is like Mr. and Mrs. Send It, and we are ready to take over America." — Kyle

10. "They’re both obsessed with each other." — Paige

11. "Do you wanna hang out with us?" — Kyle

12. "You look fancy." — Carl

13. "You’re adorable when you do athletic things." — Hannah

14. "Just me and her is pretty cool, too." — Luke

15. "Did I ever doubt that he was the right person for me? No." — Amanda

16. "I have feelings for you." — Luke

17. "I don’t think you can handle a New York girl." — Hannah

18. "If I ask you on a date, what would you say?" — Luke

19. "What if we just, like, eloped?" — Kyle

20. "Total babe." — Carl

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