Gardening: How to create a watering tool for your plants

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Upcycling allows items to be used again, prolonging their lifespan. Many tend to upcycle pieces of furniture by painting or reupholstering and Britons can also use upcycling when it comes to the garden.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With the current cost of living crisis, now is a great time to start looking at what you can upcycle and when it comes to the outdoors, the possibilities are endless.

“Upcycling is basically giving another purpose or a second lease of life to something that you may have now outgrown or no longer need.

“When it comes to your garden, you can upcycle a lot of household items, for example, any pots or pans you’re looking to replace in your kitchen can make stylish and quirky plant pots in your garden.

“Or if you have extra decking you could lay these planks of wood down to create a garden path.

“You don’t always have to buy new things to get your garden looking summer ready, most of the time the best tools are right in front of us.”

The experts recommended using old teapots as quirky new plant pots for the garden.

They added: “Plant pots do need to have holes for water drainage but in order to get around this, you could fill the pot with a layer of pebbles before placing your plants in there.

“This will still give the pot a section for drainage to prevent your plants from becoming overwatered.”

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Gardeners who already have plant pots and who are looking to brighten up the garden, painting them is a great way to spruce them up.

The money saving experts recommended painting them in bright colours or using different patterns to “instantly breathe new life into your garden”.

They added: “You could also turn an old ladder into a plant display.

“If you’ve got an old wooden ladder, why not cut it so you have around two or three steps, lean it against a wall and place some plant pots on there.

“You could even paint it a light blue or green to give a nice pop of colour to your garden.”

Outdoor coffee tables can be expensive, and some may not be weather-proof.

Instead, the experts recommended using a wooden palette.

They said: “You may not already have a wooden palette laying around but they’re super cheap to get your hands on.

“You can paint this and repurpose it as a nice little coffee table. If you feel like you need extra height, you could always prop this up onto some bricks or another palette.”

Mirrors can also be used in the garden to create the illusion that the space is bigger.

They can be hung on fences, on the back of homes or even propped up on a table.

The experts continued: “Next time you finish off your favourite jam, consider washing out the jar and setting it aside. 

“In the summer evenings, light a candle and pop it into your jam jars to create ambience.”

Old yoghurt pots can also be used to start growing seedlings inside.

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