Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts are living in splendor – truly. The beloved Today Show host’s wife, who is a television journalist herself, took to Instagram this weekend to give a glimpse of how she spends her Sundays at home. 

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The ABC host revealed to her followers the couple’s magnificent, never-ending lawn, which is currently covered in plush snow.

The image captures the sun setting behind grandiose trees, painting golden stripes over the white snow. Deborah’s caption read: “Sunday splendor. Bask in the glow of a new day.”

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Fans welcomed the picture and its relaxing energy, one commenting: “This is the picture of PEACE,” while others commented on the adorable paw prints speckled on the snow, wondering whether they came from deer, bunnies, or both.

While Al and Deborah own not one but two stunning homes, the never-ending natural land in the image gives away which residence it was taken from: their cozy yet stately home in upper New York’s Hudson Valley.

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They also have a charming brownstone in Manhattan, but the house upstate is their preferred oasis where they can truly get away and relax. 

Now that the couple are both working in person in their respective studios again, they treasure their time upstate even more. 

Deborah stunned fans with the glimpse of their massive snow-covered backyard

That residence is where they spent the majority of the pandemic and where they prefer to spend time with their children, Leila, 23, Nicholas, 19, as well as Courtney, 35, who is Al’s daughter with ex-wife Alice Bell. 

Al, however, took some time away recently from his treasured country house, as he has an important part of home away in Paris.

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His daughter Leila has been living in the European city for a number of years, having studied journalism over there, before deciding to stay in the city after graduating last year.

The doting father shared his journey to the French capital on Instagram as well as his return, saying that: “My flight is delayed coming back to New York from Paris.

Al and his family recently visited Paris to spend time with Leila

“The 2021 me would have been complaining and sitting around, but the 2022 me is using this opportunity to knock off five miles walking in the terminal. So win, win. Saw my girl, spent some time in a beautiful city.”

Al was joined by his wife and son Nick, and it looked like they had a wonderful time together.

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