Everyone has a favorite pillow, and it likely took you a couple of tries to find it. The requirements of a “good” pillow are unique to an individual’s needs, but we can all agree optimal comfort is the number one concern. Fewer things are more frustrating than an uncomfortable pillow, especially one that seemingly gets hotter as the night goes on. If you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud while your pillow stays cool overnight, you need to try the Power of Nature Memory Foam Pillow from Amazon ASAP. 

The memory foam pillow is designed to conform to the shape of your head and neck. Because it fits perfectly under the curve, it provides natural spine support and relaxes your muscles. The result? Falling into a deep sleep a lot faster than usual. You also don’t have to worry about sleeping on your side, back, or stomach; it’s optimal for any position. For side sleepers, it doesn’t squeeze the shoulders or mess with the form of your spine. For those who sleep on their backs, breathing is easier, and you stretch the cervical vertebrae, which prevents tension and cramping. And for tummy sleepers, you get to enjoy a fully supported head and neck, sans pressure pain. 

There’s moisture-sensitive fiber inside the pillow, which is how it conforms to your shape so comfortably, and the pillow rebounds quickly, so it resists flattening. For anyone with sensitive skin, this pillow is also a great option for you. The entire makeup of the pillow is skin-friendly, and there’s a hypoallergenic pillowcase included to minimize irritation. 

If you’re wondering how the pillow manages to stay cool throughout the night, it’s a result of the cover. It’s incredibly breathable for air circulation, which helps it remain at a comfortable temperature for hours. The cover is also machine washable and does not fade over time, so your pillow always looks brand new. 

Buy It! Power of Nature Memory Foam Pillow, $34.99 (orig. $39.99); amazon.com

“My fiance loves the support from this pillow and has been sleeping better since using it. He also mentioned it doesn’t make him hot like some of his pillows have done,” one customer shared. 

“It feels cool when I put my head down and doesn't get uncomfortably hot like other pillows I have had. I like how firm it is and yet not too firm. I've been through many pillows and this one keeps me at ease knowing that I will have a good night's sleep without a tense neck,” said another. 

To get better sleep while staying cool throughout the night, try the memory foam pillow thousands of shoppers love. 

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