If you put off cleaning far too often, you're likely missing the right tools to make it less of a hassle. There's no reason to spend hours at a time scrubbing your home when helpful products like the Lalafancy Extendable Scrubber Brush put in the elbow grease for you. Amazon shoppers say the affordable tool not only saves you a ton of time, but also prevents your back from hurting when cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces.  

The versatile scrubber brush can extend up to 46-inches long, while its 180-degree adjustable head is perfect for cleaning at different angles. You'll no longer need to climb, bend, or reach into far corners of your bathtub, tile, glass, wall, ceiling, orfloor. The full set comes equipped with three extenders to change the length, and two interchangeable brush heads — tight corners, recesses, grout lines, ceiling fans, and tall furniture are just a handful of places you'll be able to scrub with both. What's more, the ergonomic non-slip handle ensures you'll feel secure holding the pole at its longest length.

Buy It! Lalafancy Extendable Scrubber Brush, $25.99; amazon.com

Professional housekeepers to homeowners alike say the Lalafancy Extendable Scrubber Brush is a game changer for scrubbing away pesky grime and dirt. Many shoppers note it's incredibly easy to put together, and saves their knees, back, and arms from discomfort. 

"We have a large walk-in shower, and cleaning the tile was a backbreaking task; but this Lalafancy cleaning brush makes it a lot easier to reach all the surfaces," wrote one reviewer. "The brush has two different cleaning heads; the brush works well for tough spots, and the sponge head can be used on the more delicate surfaces, as well as windows. I like how they are shaped — makes it easier to clean corners."

"This is a life saver," shared another. "I have severe arthritis, back issues, and I'm currently expecting, but [with this scrubber] I can get my tub and walls cleaned without being in pain or leaning and stretching."

Shop the Lalafancy Extendable Scrubber on Amazon for just $26. 

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