Tomatoes are among the most popular crops because they require minimal effort, allowing gardeners of all levels to produce bountiful harvests.

With good care, growing tomatoes can be a hugely rewarding experience, and the internet is rife with advice on how to produce a huge harvest.

A handy tip from a gardening pro Chris (@noveltyseeker) recently went viral, as the content creator took to TikTok to share his “Veggie Gardening Tip for HUGE Yields”.

“Number one tip to make huge tomatoes and pepper plants? Let me show you, it’s […] simple and it’s not something you would think to do,” he explained in the clip.

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@noveltyseeker Veggie Gardening Tip for HUGE Yields. #pepper #tomato #pruningtips #backyardgarden #vegtablegarden ♬ original sound – chris

He turns to a small pepper plant with several small leaves growing from the stem and proceeds to remove the small fruit in the initial stages of growth.

“Better yet, just go ahead and count up two leaves […] and snip that guy off,” Chris explained, cutting the stem two leaves down from the top of the plant.

A rule of thumb when pruning tomato plants is to ensure the crop has already reached roughly 40cm – 50cm in height, as the plant may not recover from the shock if any smaller.

By this time there should already be several branches coming off the main stem.

Holding the segment of the plant that has been removed, Chris adds: “I’m telling you this is just draining all the energy.

“When you cut it like this all the energy is going go into the roots, and it’s going to create a bigger and better plant, more bushier, more solid.

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One commentator pointed out in the comments that this hack is “only recommended for people with long growing seasons”, and ill-advised for anyone with short ones.

An additional rule to bear in mind when pruning tomato plants is to allow all moisture on to plant – such as rain and dew – to dry up first.

This will allow the wounds from the pruning enough time to heal cleanly, thereby reducing the plant’s chances of becoming infected with the disease.

For a successful harvest, it is equally important to note that tomatoes thrive in warm weather and will generally not grow in temperatures below 10 degrees.

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