Adults happier when surrounded by houseplants

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Aside from being great to look at, houseplants can actually provide several health benefits that will have positive effects for office workers or anyone experiencing stress to some degree. Keeping selected plants in the house or garden can have a large influence over their owner’s mental health. Plant experts at B Well CBD have discovered the houseplants that will enhance wellbeing and help to tackle depression.

According to the experts, there are several plants to easily incorporate into home space without the need for a green thumb to enhance “your wellbeing through the power of natural growth”.

They added: “By having a space to fully unwind in as the weather gets warmer, not only can you enjoy the beautiful floral views, but embrace the mental health and wellbeing benefits.”

Here are a few houseplants to opt for if Britons are struggling with their mental health.


The smell of lavender wafting around a home in the spring is an unbeatable feeling, having a calming impact and helping homeowners to unwind. 

The experts said: “The natural characteristics are known to help soothe irritated babies, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help you drift off into a deep sleep so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated.”

The smell of lavender is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, which will help Britons to relax.

The more relaxed people are, the more likely they are to drift off into a restful sleep, improving mental health.

Aloe vera

Known for their soothing properties, aloe vera can support mental health issues.

It is thought to help tackle headaches.

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The experts said: “The benefits of the aloe vera plant are widely known and loved, using the unique gel inside the leaves for a variety of purposes. 

“With anti-inflammatory properties, the gel is often used for natural healing but is also great for purifying the air, helping with mental wellbeing as well as physical.”


Chives are a great addition to any home.

They are thought to improve memory functions and prevent conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Houseplant experts added: “Although you may know chives as being a tasty addition to your favourite dishes, their natural characteristics are known to help block the chemical that obstructs the production of serotonin and dopamine, being great for depression, memory retention and getting a quality night of sleep. 

“As well as its powerful properties, the chive plant has a unique pom-pom head that looks fabulous when planted in your garden.”

They can also be grown indoors beside south-facing windows.


The bold and bright colours of the chrysanthemum flower are a well-loved addition for many homeowners.

They add some much-needed brightness into indoor and outdoor space. 

The plant experts said: “As well as their stunning appearance, the flowers are also known to help lessen worry and stress, often being put into a tea to help relax the body but also speed up metabolism rates.”


Chamomile is actually an incredibly popular herb, and it’s often used for medicinal purposes.

The houseplant experts explained how this plant is great for tackling anxiety and depression.

They said: “With the vapours from the flower travelling to the brain to reduce tension, stress and produce a mild sedative effect, chamomile is great for tackling anxiety and depression. 

“As well as having a great impact on mental wellbeing, the small and delicate white flowers are great for brightening up your garden area.”

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