Theo (Matt Evans) has been busy lately in Home and Away, focusing on his girlfriend, the band and work at the garage.

But, as before, he’s not prioritising his TAFE work. Kirby (Angelina Thomson) reminds him about his upcoming assignment, but Theo isn’t bothered – it’s not due for a while yet, and he’d much rather hang out with her. Kirby tries to persuade him to take some responsibility, but her words fall on deaf ears.

Before long, Theo’s schedule gets even busier when John (Shane Withington) gets talking to Theo about an upcoming charity golf tournament that Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Roo (Georgie Parker) are planning. It turns out Theo is an experienced golf player, so John is keep to recruit him to the team. However, Theo says he’ll only do it one condition – if Kirby can join, too.

When Kirby sees Theo wandering around town, she reminds him again about his assignment, and he reluctantly heads to the Diner to ‘fuel up’ before his big study session. However, when Marilyn gets wind of the fact Theo knows a thing or two about golf, she seizes the opportunity to quiz him about key terms. Before Theo knows it, he’s back at Marilyn’s place being interviewed about the sport.

Theo begins to feel pulled in all directions, being asked by Justin to sign for a package at the garage but needing to attend a band meeting at the same time and being unable to get Marilyn to stop asking questions. He’s forced to prioritise the garage, but when he gets there he realises the assignment is actually due the next day – he thought he had another week!

Panicking, Theo realises he’ll have to pull an all-nighter, and his emotions continue spiralling in the run-up to Kirby arriving with snacks for moral support.

He lets out his frustration on his girlfriend, biting Kirby’s head off due to feeling bad for not paying attention to her before.

Kirby is stunned – how dare he be so rude to her; it’s not her fault he’s in this mess! She storms off, but Theo has to focus on his assignment before he can think about fixing the issue with Kirby…

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