Xander (Luke Van Os) is in a good place with Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri), especially now that his girlfriend and sister have stopped feuding.

In fact, he’s feeling so happy with the way everything is going that he asks Stacey to move in with him. Stacey is taken aback – isn’t it way too soon for that? Embarrassed, Xander says she doesn’t have to answer right away. However, alarm bells are ringing for Stacey and they won’t stop…

Unbeknownst to Xander, Stacey was already at her limit by seeing just one person. The thought of committing further is too much for her, and she begins worrying that her relationship is going down a path she simply isn’t ready for. She tries to focus on work, but when she’s teaching a class a particularly flirtatious client catches her eye.

He’s using tired chat-up lines that she’s heard before, but in her current state of mind, it’s enough that she holds back from shutting him down completely. Before long, she finds herself in Salt with him. She feebly tells him that she’s in a relationship, but the client hands her his business card. Stacey can’t help but give the proposition some thought…

Later that night, Xander is all dressed up and ready for a hot date with Stacey. He waits for her, but is quickly disappointed. He receives a text from her saying she can’t make it, and he begins wondering if his suggestion of moving in together has scared her off. Has he ruined a good thing by taking it too quickly, too soon?

Meanwhile, Stacey is all dressed up too – but she’s preparing for a date with someone else. Later, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) is patrolling in her police car when she sees a steamed up car parked where it shouldn’t be.

She asks the driver to roll down his window, and is dismayed to discover her brother’s girlfriend making out with a client. Will Rose tell Xander the truth and break his heart?

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