Alf (Ray Meagher) has been becoming increasingly annoyed with Marilyn (Emily Symons) and John’s (Shane Withington) phones constantly going off, due to the dating app they are both using. He has confronted both of them about it, but not managed to get anywhere.

John has become determined to find new love, while Marilyn is cagey about why she’s really using the app – with both Alf and Irene (Lynne McGranger) suspecting she is doing it to make John jealous. She says she will delete the app, but secretly keeps it on her phone.

Alf vents to Martha (Belinda Giblin) about the situation, but Roo (Georgie Parker) chips in and says it’s nice John is seeking a new start. She also points out that Martha probably wasn’t alone during the decades they spent apart – and the possibility of Martha being with someone else surprises Alf.

He asks her if she had other relationships in between theirs, and she doesn’t give a direct answer. Seeing she is clearly cagey, Alf is tortured by all the information he may not know about his wife during the time they weren’t in contact.

Unfortunately, Alf’s worst fears about Martha’s past could be about to be realised when Martha receives a mysterious note. M, we need to talk. I’ll be seeing you soon, Kieran. Martha immediately grows pale and hides it. Who is Kieran, and is he coming to the Bay?

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