Gardening expert on how to keep your garden free of weeds

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Potatoes are classified as being either earlies or maincrops. Early varieties are ready to harvest much sooner than maincrops, which are in the ground for much longer. They produce a larger harvest and bigger potatoes. It can be hard to pick a certain variety of potato to grow, but one gardening expert has recommended Maris Piper and Wilja.

Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at MyJobQuote, told “The best time to grow potatoes depends on what type you fancy growing.

“Maris Piper and Wilja are both reliable varieties. They’re fast growing and don’t require a special soil type.

“Plant them in early spring after the frosty weather has finished, for a bountiful summer harvest.”

Late frost often disappears throughout the month of May.

Alternatively, the gardening expert suggested trying Blue Danube seed potatoes.

Fiona explained: “This variety is heavy-cropping and disease-resistant, so it’s great for beginners. 

“You can plant them in late spring for an early autumn harvest, giving you flavoursome potatoes that are great for roasting.

“Always buy seed potatoes rather than trying to grow them from your old supermarket spuds. 

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“This will vastly increase your chances of getting a decent crop.

“It’s important to chit your seed potatoes before planting them out.

“Chitting simply means leaving your potatoes to grow shoots before you put them in the soil. 

“The easiest method is to get an old egg carton and pop a seed potato in each segment with the eye facing up. Leave them in a cool, light filled space until they start to grow shoots.”

For gardeners with a small outdoor space, potatoes can be grown in a bag or tub.

The expert said this means they can be grown on a patio or balcony, making them “easier to keep free from weeds”.

Fiona added: “You can buy a special growing bag or use any large strong bag or tub.

“Add a rich compost to your container, until it’s about a third full. Then, place your seed potatoes in the middle and cover with more compost.

“As shoots grow, add more soil or compost to keep them covered.

“Basically, you only need the top of the growth showing. 

“This should give you a better quality and quantity of potatoes.”

Gardeners should place their bag or tub in a sheltered spot to protect it from harsh weather.

A sunny spot by a wall or fence is ideal, according to the expert.

Fiona added: “Potatoes need plenty of water to grow, so never let the soil dry out.”

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