There are a few ways to stay cool during the spring and summer months, like making ice cream or going swimming. But for a constant state of literal coolness, you need a fan that circulates the air in your home. To beat the heat, Amazon shoppers say the Honeywell TurboForce Power Tower Fan is the "best fan for your buck," and you can get it for $65 right now while it's on sale. 

The Honeywell tower fan truly cools down the whole room by creating a consistent breeze that will "blow you away" no matter where you are — even if you're 40 feet away. That's because this home appliance is basically like two fans in one for wide-room and concentrated cooling.

Buy It! Honeywell TurboForce Power Tower Fan, $64.99 (orig. $79.99);  

The 32-inch tower fan blasts air through its cross-flowing vents, which take hot air in and push breezy air out along with help from the fan's impressive turbo power. It also has a small fan on the top that can be pivoted up to 90 degrees, so you can aim it right at you or point it up to the ceiling to bring an overall cooling sensation to the entire room. No matter what you choose, shoppers say the versatility and customization put it above the rest. 

Both the top and base fans can be controlled individually, and each one has three speed settings that can easily be controlled with the dials on the side. Even at the loudest setting, shoppers say the fan sounds like "soothing white noise" that also helps people fall asleep better at night. 

Reviewers also love that the "simple but powerful" tower fan has an oscillating feature that twists the base, so you can reap the benefits while cooking in the kitchen, lounging on the couch, or snoozing in bed. After all, temperature is an important factor when it comes to sleep, according to the Sleep Foundation, and this impressive fan won't let night sweats wake you up anymore. 

Another reason to love this fan? It's not nearly as expensive as an air conditioner, and reviewers say it's an "energy saver," so your electric bill will be lower, too. And in some cases, shoppers say it even outperforms their AC, helping it when it can't quite beat the heat on its own.  

"This is a great air-mover and helps keep my top floor bedroom cool in this 95+ degree heat," writes one Amazon shopper. "I like the directional fan on top and use it to move air up toward the ceiling, while the vertical part moves a ton of air and keeps my bedroom cool, even on the hottest days when the AC can't keep up."If you're ready to experience the comfort of an oscillating fan that has "excellent cooling capabilities," consider trying the Honeywell TurboTower Power Fan while it's on sale for $65.

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