A gardening enthusiast has gained popularity on social media after sharing a genius hack to help revive hydrangeas on the brink of decay.

The hack, which was showcased on the flower-themed TikTok account @ftdflowers, promises to bring drooping flowers back to life within hours.

With over “112 years” of florist expertise, @ftdflower has garnered interest across the internet for their revolutionary plant-care methods.

The recent hack involves soaking the petals of the plant in tepid water to enable adequate hydration before the flowers are brought into a warmer environment.

By the time a plant has begun wilting, it is a clear indication that there is a severe hydration deficit, so time is of the essence if you want to prolong a plant’s life.

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“First we cut the stems,” explained the florist, before proceeding to remove all the leaves attached to the stem.

So long as the leaves are attached to the plant they will absorb most of the water fed to them and thwart the chances of petals getting adequate hydration.

“Petals first, insert your flowers into the bowl to soak overnight. Wait for 12 hours and you have beautiful refreshed flowers!” added the content creator.

The hack garnered a lot of appreciation from fellow flower enthusiasts, with thousands of users ‘liking’ the clip.

Some raced to the comments to thank the video creator for sharing their expertise and claimed that it did wonders for their hydrangeas.

“It worked for us!!!! Amazing. TYSM,” wrote one viewer, while another confirmed that it was the “best trick”.

It’s important to note that if hydrangeas still don’t bounce back after an overnight soak, this may not necessarily mean they are beyond saving.

An additional tip for the maintenance of hydrangeas is to cut the stem at a jagged angle before placing them in a case, as this can prevent decay.

Additionally, placing the stems of hydrangeas inside boiling water for a few seconds has been said to prolong the lifespan of the flower and stop it from wilting.

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