The newstalgia interiors trend is all about bringing the old and the new together – and we’re in love.

As much as we love a good aesthetic here at Stylist, not all of us have the luxury of decking out whole rooms in one specific style. For most of us, interior design is more about adding little bits at a time than revamping an entire space, and so as fun as it is to scroll through shots of picture-perfect homes, it’s not always realistic.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t interior trends that allow for this kind of approach. From the mismatched appeal of cluttercore to using splashes of paint to revamp a space, there are plenty of ways to get involved. And that includes the latest interiors trend to take the internet by storm – newstalgia.  

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A portmanteau of the words ‘new’ and ‘nostalgia’, newstalgia refers to the growing trend of incorporating retro interior pieces alongside more modern designs for a fun, blended look. This might mean adding a vintage side table to your pared-back hallway or using retro-inspired wallpaper to create a colourful feature wall.

“Newstalgia has taken off massively the past couple of years, mainly due to the uncertainty of the pandemic,” says Lauren Kavanagh, art director for the wallpaper brand Hovia. 

“People are seeking out objects and spaces that make them feel warm, joyful emotions at home. For a lot of people, their childhood is a fruitful source of inspiration – the gadgets, toys, music, movies, furniture, patterns, colours, shapes and fashion.” 

Embracing newstalgia could be as simple as adding a new lamp or side table to your home to add a splash of the old.

While the retro style may not be for everyone, embracing the newstalgia trend is a great way to experiment with your interiors if you’re not sure where to start. You might not be ready to transform your entire house, but adding one or two retro details can help you to add a splash of fun to your home without too much effort.

Kavanagh explains: “There’s no one ‘right way’ to incorporate newstalgia into your home, but I have a few ideas in mind that I’m eager to try myself. For example, you could make your walls your new canvas for creativity: hang a gallery wall of vinyl records (whether they’re old or new), frame classic posters of your favourite movies, or install retro-inspired wallpaper to bring in a pop of colour and pattern.

“Remember not to take things too seriously. When picking out decor pieces, don’t be afraid to get eclectic and focus on what makes you feel happy and nostalgic, instead of feeling like you must adhere to one perfect style.” 

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As tempting as adding new pieces to your home can be, Kavanagh believes that upcycling is a great way to embrace the newstalgia trend, too. After all, it’s literally the perfect mix of old and new.

“Upcycling furniture is also a very sustainable way to explore newstalgia,” Kavanagh adds. “Give that vintage piece of furniture you found a fresh lick of paint in a bold hue to add your own contemporary twist.”

So, there you have it. As the evenings draw in and we spend more time indoors on the sofa, what better way to revamp your interiors than bringing a little bit of retro style into your home? 

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