How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

The trouble with dandelions is that they’re pretty hardy, and simply ripping them up without caution can ruin a lawn. 

Plus for those who are not thorough enough, the dandelion can grow back, making the whole task counterproductive. 

Before gardeners know it, they will be looking up how to plant grass seeds to repair some of the damage. 

Luckily gardening expert Nilufer Danis, founder of the website Nilufer Danis, has shared how to get rid of dandelions in lawns so gardeners can enjoy dandelion-free grass.

The expert said: “Dandelions are a common weed that can be found in most lawns. 

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“They have long taproots and bright yellow flowers, and they spread quickly if left unchecked. Over time, dandelions can take over your lawn and make it look untidy.”

To see the back of these pesky weeds, Nilufer claims that the “most effective way” to remove dandelions from lawns “without using chemical weed killer” is by hand-pulling. 

She explained that hand-pulling involves using a small gardening fork or trowel to dig around and underneath the dandelion root, then pulling out the entire plant. 

The gardening pro said: “This method ensures that the entire root system of the dandelion is removed, preventing it from growing back.”

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Additionally, using a small tool such as a trowel means that gardeners can dig deep enough “without damaging the roots of other surrounding plants”. 

When hand-pulling, gardeners need to be sure to wear gloves and discard the dandelions in an area “far away from your lawn” to “prevent them from re-growing”. 

Nilufer added that regularly pulling out of any new dandelion sprouts will help to reduce the number of dandelions in lawns over time.

For those who have a large area of lawn infested with dandelions, they may want to consider using natural alternatives such as mulching or boiling water., according to the expert.

Nilufer explained that mulch can “smother existing dandelions” and “prevent new ones from growing”.

However, gardeners should just be sure not to put too much mulch on top of the plants as “this can cause rot”. 

Boiling water is another method to try. Pour boiling water directly onto the dandelions, and “the heat will kill both the plant and its root system”.

This method helps to break down weed structure, is cost-effective, and doesn’t add harmful chemicals to the lawn or garden.

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