Monty Don shares how to cut topiary and hedges on Gardeners’ World

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On the latest episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty Don shared his tips for planting fennel and trimming lavender. The lead host of the show also shared how to trim back topiary. The 67-year-old has a heartwarming story behind his topiary.

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The gardening expert has shaped his topiary like his late dog, Nigel.

Nigel, who often appeared on Gardeners’ World, died in 2020.

The beautifully-shaped topiary is Monty’s way of keeping Nigel’s memory alive.

Unfortunately, “topiary Nigel”, as Monty refers to him, had become a bit overgrown and “shaggy”.

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Monty said he would normally give the topiary shape a couple of cuts a year.

He would trim it back once in around May or June and and then again now.

However, topiary Nigel missed his “spring trim” so is growing in places where he shouldn’t be.

Monty shared how to cut the topiary shape now.

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He said: “So time for a cut. In fact, it’s a really good time of year to cut topiary or hedges, particularly if they’re yew or box.

“But yew, cut now, will stay crisp right through until next spring, unlike poor old Nige.

“Nigel has been here now for about five years, so he’s pretty well-established.

“And the thing to remember with any piece of topiary is that essentially it’s made out of trees.

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“You know, this is two or three Yew trees, each of which would live for thousands of years and grow huge, which we’re trying to keep suppressing and repressing.

“So you do need to keep cutting it.”

Monty also warned gardeners to “never” cut back lavender too “hard” or risk it not regenerating.

The gardening expert could be seen clipping back his lavender bush at Longmeadow.

Gardeners should trim back lavender now once it’s finished flowering.

However, they shouldn’t cut back the plant too hard to old bare wood because there’s a chance the plant won’t regenerate.

Instead, leave a little bit of the plant behind so it can regrow.

Gardeners’ World is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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