Garden tips: How to maintain your lawn

The summer weather is rapidly approaching, and with that comes plenty of opportunities to get friends and family together in the garden. If you’re hoping for a gloriously green lawn, it is vital you give it the right care and attention, including regular watering.

However, with the UK’s unpredictable weather, it can be difficult to figure out just how often you should be watering your grass.

According to Carlos Real, lawn care expert and managing director of TotalLawn, regular hydration is essential for a “healthy lawn” which can “quickly bounce back from heavy usage”.

He said: “As we enter summer, our lawn care focus should shift from getting the garden of your dreams, to actually maintaining it.

“The warmer months are what you’ve worked so hard for, but you don’t want heavy foot traffic to damage all the progress you’ve made.”

The grass care expert continued: “You should be watering your lawn once a week during the summer months – just keep an eye on the weather forecast, as knowing Britain it’ll probably rain more than that anyway.

“Your grass needs water and air to survive, so keeping a constant flow is essential.”

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends watering between once a week to every 10 days is normally sufficient. 

The RHS said: “Ensure that the water reaches a depth of 10cm (4in) after each watering. In the middle of summer, one square metre needs about 20-litres every seven days.”

However, overdoing the task could be detrimental to your green space.

Mr Real said: “It’s best to avoid watering your lawn any more than once a week though, as to do so risks drowning the grass.

“If your soil becomes too saturated, the excess water will block air from entering the soil, and grass roots need oxygen to breathe.”

Whether you have little ones running around or simply love hosting garden parties, your lawn may begin to look a little worse for wear as the season continues.

Mr Real said: “Eventually all lawns will fail to thrive if constantly in use. If bare patches begin to appear, this is a sign your lawn needs some attention or a break from the constant foot traffic.

“If you need to overseed, make sure to purchase a hardwearing lawn seed as it is more resilient.

“Generally, it’s best to keep foot traffic to a minimum to prevent your grass from dying, but with regular maintenance and overseeding, you’ll maintain your luscious green grass for the rest of the summer.”

You also need to make sure to seed your lawn between weather spells. 

The experts at explained: “We all want the Insta-worthy striped green lawn for our guests arriving, but it’s best to put the lawn food down when the hot weather arrives.

“Most lawn food products come in granular form, so need to be watered in. When the sun is beating down on your lawn, it dries up any water very quickly.

“This can cause the lawn food to burn your lawn – as it is made up of chemicals that need to be diluted. So, to avoid this becoming an issue, delay feeding your lawn until the hot weather is over.”

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