The collection is filled with transitional pieces that will help elevate your home this season.

Finding key pieces to help our home transition throughout the seasons is key – and we all want to do it without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s through the addition of a few soft furnishings for our living room or adding a statement piece from lamps to shelves to inject some glamour into our space, finding ways to give our home a little boost is always on the agenda, particularly as colder temperatures set in and many of us will probably be spending more time at home.

Thankfully, Ikea has launched a new autumn/winter collection to add versatility to our homes in a chic and simple way, while taking inspiration from the following key trends.

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Natural neutrals 

The global Ikea Life at Home Report 2021 revealed that over a quarter (27%) of adults worldwide feel having a clutter-free home is more important to them now than it was a year ago. 

As a result, more people are embracing a minimalist aesthetic and are considering earthy, neutral tones to help create a sense of tranquillity.

“Our homes are a place to unwind and de-stress, and a neutral colour-scheme with natural accents helps achieve that sought-after sanctuary,” said Clotilde Passalacqua, interior design manager at Ikea UK and Ireland.

Ikea: KONSTFULL vase, £15

Passalacqua says one way to incorporate this into your home is to consider materials as well as colour tones when styling each room.

“One of the biggest bonuses of decorating your home with neutral pieces is their versatility,” she says. “Contrasting textures in the same shade work just as well as contrasting colours – from sage green and subtle browns to rattan and bamboo, these earthy colours and organic materials will create a chic environment whilst bringing the calming effects of the outdoors in.

Ikea: SYMFONISK speaker lamp with Wi-Fi, £185

Folklore fusion

This season, we are going to see more people embrace the fun in the home, with bold statement pieces that express their individual personalities – and that means it’s time to get playful and experiment with an array of colours, designs and shapes to positively impact and boost your mood.

“Having spent more time in the same four walls following the normalisation of working from home, we are seeing heightened creativity in the way we decorate our spaces,” says Passalacqua.

“Inspired by memories of carefree days, we’re seeing block colours and simple geometric patterns that transport us back to previous decades being favoured.”

Ikea: CYKELVÄG rug, £40, PINNTORP chair, £40

Ikea: BIRKELÅNGA tray, £5

“Combine an eclectic mix of contrasting colours, as deep reds, mighty mustards, bold blues and glorious greens take centre stage, while whites and creams balance them out,” she suggests. 

“There’s also a preference for incorporating blocks of colour in differing forms, from simple patterns and textiles to stained wood furniture.”

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Nostalgic expression

In an ever-changing world, seeking familiarity wherever we can is something we embrace, from the food we eat and clothes we wear to how we furnish our homes – and according to Ikea this desire for adding a sense of nostalgia to our homes is on the rise.

One way to achieve the nostalgic expression look is by introducing floral and mixed patterns into your space, which helps create a comforting and inviting environment. 

Ikea: HOVSTA frame with poster, £19, STUTERI storage box with lid, £9

Ikea: KÄRRDUNÖRT duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, £45 (3)

Passalacqua suggests that experimenting with vintage tones, colours and patterns also help to “capture a timeless feel”, while rich shades of green, soft greys and blues make up the main colour palette, and chunky textured fabrics help to embody warmth.

“Complement plain patterns with bold textureswhich brings a sense of cosiness whilst also making a statement.”

If you’re looking for a few home accessories right now, Ikea’s autumn/winter collection definitely has you covered.

Ikea’s autumn/winter 2022 collection is available to shop in-stores and online now.

Images: Ikea

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