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Anna Eklov, the creator of LOV Flowers, https://lovflowers.co.uk/ is a plant expert. She advised Britons on keeping their real Christmas tree alive, including “resting the tree”.

Anna advised resting your tree when you get it.

She said: “Rest your tree for 24 hours in a room or space that is warmer than the outdoors but a bit cooler than your house.”

She explained: “That way the tree doesn’t get a shock when it’s placed inside in the warmth.”

It is also advised to cut the trunk of your tree, too help the spruce last longer.

Anna said: “Recut the trunk before placing it in water is also a big factor in how long your tree will last.”

It is important to water the tree regularly too.

Giving the tree too little water will cause a resin to form, which will prevent the tree from absorbing moisture.

Use a humidifier to keep your tree fresh, and try and keep it away from direct sunlight, central health, oven and an open fireplace.

One of the most important elements of keeping your Christmas tree fresh is choosing a healthy tree in the first place.

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Anna said: “The first thing to think about is where you buy your tree.

“Christmas trees that are sold at garden centres or your local town square are unfortunately sometimes already too old.

“Best place to get your tree is from a Christmas tree farm where you can cut down your own and where you know it’s freshest possible.”

What other measures can you put in place to keep the tree fresh?

Real Christmas tree tips

Shake your Christmas tree

When your tree arrives, it may be damp and harbouring some mould and fungus.

Shaking the tree will help knock these off, keeping your tree alive for longer.

Water your tree every day

This will keep the resin away, and keep the tree looking full.

A minimum of 500ml a day is recommended.

Use a tree stand

Don’t plant the tree in sand or soil. This will only prevent it from drinking up water effectively.

Anna also suggested decorating your tree with plants for a fresh and natural look.

She advised hypericum berries and ilex flower berries.

Other festive but natural Christmas tree decorations might include pine cones.

Cinnamon sticks will be a fragrant addition, as would dried orange peel.

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