Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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With the clocks set to go forward on Sunday, Britons may find it more difficult to sleep initially. Getting enough sleep is also something many people struggle with on a nightly basis. For those finding it hard to sleep each night, it may be time to try a natural solution.

Wellness experts at Zeal CBD have looked at popular plants and how they can help improve people’s sleep.


The scent of jasmine has been used for centuries to aid with sleep.

The sweet scent is claimed to help calm the mind, allowing people to get a more restful sleep.

It’s also been suggested that having a jasmine plant can reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being.

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Jasmine is also pretty to look at and will instantly brighten up a room, as well as providing a delicate scent.

Aloe Vera

A popular houseplant in many UK homes, aloe vera is another indoor plant that can aid sleep.

Most houseplants only release oxygen in the day, but aloe vera only produces oxygen at night which can aid sleep and help people drift off more quickly.

More oxygen in the air helps to purify it and removes toxins left behind my cleaning products.

Aloe vera is also very easy to look after, making it ideal for new plant owners.

Snake plant

Snake plants are NASA-recommended for purifying a room, need minimal care and like dry soil.

This means it doesn’t matter if plant owners miss a water.

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Snake plants help to remove pollutants from the air, allowing their owners to get a peaceful sleep.


The scent of lavender is often used in product to help people sleep and unwind.

Homeowners can benefit from having the plant in their bedrooms too.

Studies also suggest that lavender can help babies sleep better and prevent them from crying, allowing for parents to get a better night’s sleep.

Lavender can also reduce anxiety and stress.

Peace lily

Peace lilies are another NASA-approved plant that can purify the air.

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But unlike other plants, it can increase humidity in a room by five percent.

Dry air can make it harder to sleep so a peace lily could be helpful by making the air more humid.

English ivy

English ivy is an ideal plant for those with allergies and asthma.

The plant can help oust mould spores and aid in good quality sleep.

The plant is a good one to hang, and will cascade from a hanging basket.

Gerbera daisy

For a pop of colour and a good night sleep, try a gerbera daisy.

The plant produces pink, orange and yellow flowers and can increase the flow of oxygen in a room at night.

It’s best to check the properties of plants, and their care instructions before purchasing to check they’re the right plant.

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