Gardening tips: How to remove moss on drives and patios

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Over the winter months in cold and damp weather, it’s common for algae, lichens and moss to develop. The substance is unsightly and can add an unpleasant green hue to driveways, conservatories, garden furniture, patios and fences. Not only is algae unattractive but it’s dangerous too as it can be slippery and slimy, making it treacherous to walk on.

When removing algae, gardeners often resort to chemicals and expensive products. However, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared an affordable, household hack for banishing algae from patios and paving without using a pressure washer.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a lifestyle influencer and cleaning expert with more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

Her fans and followers have taken to social media groups in recent months to share cleaning tips and tricks inspired by Mrs Hinch.

On one such social media group, Facebook user Yaz Elizabeth posted: “Hey all, we moved recently and have noticed our back garden where the slabs are keep going green almost like mould?

“We jet-washed it a week or two ago but it’s back again. Does anyone know what is causing this? Or if there’s anything I can use to stop it coming back? It also does seem to stain.”

The post was flooded with more than 40 responses from Mrs Hinch fans but the most suggested response was to use washing powder.

Gill Brears said: “I sprinkle Aldi biological washing powder on my patio and driveway when we get green moss.”

She added: “The washing powder kills the moss. Just sprinkle, you don’t need to scrub. It looks like snow!

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“We get a lot on the drive, as it’s in the shade. My neighbour asked me about it. I did the same and it got rid of his moss too.”

Tracey Mc Keown X wrote: “Sprinkle Daz washing powder on it and then leave for the rain to wash off or hose it.”

Joelle Scannell agreed and commented: “I’ve been told Daz also. I haven’t tried it but a lady I know swears by it.”

Washing powder can be found in most households but those who don’t own any can buy it online or from local supermarkets.

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JUST ESSENTIALS by ASDA Bio Washing Powder costs £2.30 for 45 washes. Persil Bio Washing Powder costs £2.75 from Iceland for 21 washes.

Daz Handwash Laundry Washing Powder costs £2.60 from Wilko for 960g. Tesco Colour Bio. Detergent Powder costs £4.40 for 2.6kg.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using Patio Magic, white vinegar, Jeyes Fluid, Wet and Forget and bleach.

Louise Farley posted: “Once you have jet washed it, put Patio Magic on it twice a year in spring and autumn. It puts a layer on top to stop the green growth. I used it for years and it works every time.”

Tracey Harris suggested: “Buy a few bottles of cheap white vinegar, sprinkle salt over it and scrub with the vinegar. Did mine and it’s not gone green again yet.”

Gaynor Amphlett replied: “Try Jeyes Fluid. Let it soak and scrub with a firm broom.”

Jan Perry commented: “A product called Wet and Forget is brilliant and will keep it clear for ages. We do ours once a year.”

Michelle Millar said: “Put bleach and water in a bucket. Put it on with a hard brush and leave it to dry.”

Sally Morris posted: “Wet and Forget. We had the same problem. Brilliant product.”

Elizabeth Silverton wrote: “It’s algae (forms in damp/wet areas that don’t get much sun). Spray when the patio is dry with white vinegar on a day when it’s not going to rain.”

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