Gardeners' World: Adam Frost gives advice on planting leeks

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Gardeners might find themselves at a loose end in January, with the cold weather making it a tough season to get outdoors. However, there are still plenty of jobs to be done, including some vegetables which can be harvested.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), leeks are in their prime from late summer and into the late winter.

In fact, leeks can be harvested throughout the window as and when you need them.

The RHS states: “Leeks are tasty winter vegetables that are easy to grow, but do take some time and attention.”

Sown in summer, these leafy greens can be the perfect addition to a number of seasonal dishes right throughout the colder months.

RHS adds: “Start harvesting in late summer, when the leeks are still quite small, to increase the cropping period.

“Gently lift from the soil using a fork.

“Leeks can remain in the ground through the winter until they are needed.”

Generally, leeks are ready to harvest when the base of the stalks is between one and two inches in diameter.

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What is the best method to harvest leeks?

The best way to harvest leeks from loose soil is by pulling them upwards.

Gently twist the stalks back and forth to loosen them and ease them out of the ground.

However, if your leeks are planted in heavy soil, pulling them with force can injure the roots.

When dealing with heavy clay soil, it is best to use a garden fork to reach under the roots and gently lift.

Once removed, brush off as much of the soil as possible.

Cut off the roots and all but two inches of the remaining leaves.

Then, rinse them thoroughly.

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How should you store harvested leaks?

Leeks are best used fresh, do want to store them, GardeningKnowHow advises wrapping them in a “damp paper towel and place them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for seven to ten days”.

Smaller leeks are able to be stored for longer amounts of time.

For this reason, it is best to use larger leaks first.

The GardeningKnowHow experts add: “Don’t trim them until you are ready to use them.”

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