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Commonly used herbs can be grown in traditional herb or vegetable gardens, raised beds, containers or on windowsills. Popular ones to grow include mint and basil which can be used in cooking as well as drinks. While it may seem like a tricky process, an expert has shared how gardeners can get an “unlimited” supply of herbs all year long.

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Joseph Clark, otherwise known as @joesgarden.official on Instagram and @joesgarden on TikTok, shares gardening tips to his followers.

One trick featured on his TikTok includes how to grow a continuous supply of herbs.

Joe said: “Did you know it’s super easy to grow an unlimited supply of herbs such as mint and basil at home.

“Simply take a cutting of one stem and fill up a little container with water.

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“Remove the bottom leaves and just pop it in.”

After a couple of weeks, the gardening pro said the herb will start to root. 

He added: “Once you’ve got a healthy root system, pot it on and just repeat this process.”

This will then grow into a whole new plant.

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Herbs need plenty of sun and well-drained, moisture-retentive fertile soil to grow.

A good rule of thumb for most herbs is to water them about once a week.

During extreme heat or drought conditions, they may need to be watered twice a week.

It is recommended to water them in the cooler hours of the morning to avoid evaporation and allow for deep root soaking.

For a continuous supply, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommended sowing seeds of ones that rapidly run to seed.

This includes coriander and dill.

Sowing should be done on a fortnightly basis throughout spring and summer.

Some herbs may be ready to harvest within a few days of sowing, while others may take a few weeks.

Already established herb plants can be purchased from the supermarket or garden centres.

Joe also shared a recent hack on his TikTok which involved using terracotta plant pots to water the garden automatically.

The gardening pro said: “Here’s a quick tip to help you water your plants on autopilot.

“All you need is a terracotta pot and some Blu Tak to plug the drainage hole.

“Bury the terracotta pot next to the plants you want to water.”

After filling it up with water, add a lid to help stop mosquitoes.

Joe then explained that terracotta is porous so will slowly seep into the soil.

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