Bank holidays were made for spending time in the garden and with the forecast looking good for the extended weekend, Britons gardeners will be hard at work.

But for those not so sure of what goes where and what they should be planting, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite plants which will look wonderful during the summer months and come back year after year.

Among my favourites are traditional cottage garden perennials – this gives a real country cottage feel and will add a beautiful splash of colour and lots of interest.

I’ve also added a few exciting products which will create a focal point in any garden and certainly leave your friend green with envy when they spot the plants in your garden.

Cottage Garden Plants

These perennials are low maintenance plants which will come back every year. Varieties including Delphiniums, Asters, Lavender, Hollyhock and Dianthus will add a riot of colour in mid summer.

They really are beautiful flowering plants, great for filling gaps and they’ll grow back next year.

Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree

This gorgeous plant blooms May – June and again in August – September. The bright lavender / purple flowers spread over the canopy of the tree and produce the most delicious perfume.

This small tree is very versatile. Plant in beds and borders or in planters by your front door, on your balcony or terrace.

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These hardy perennials are loved for their bold spikes of colourful flowers in shades of pink, purple, blue and white.

They add height and structure to the garden and work in borders and as part of a cottage garden or wildflower meadow design.

Babylon Eyes Rose Trees

These are a new breed of rose tree and we’re lucky to have them in many shades. The large open flowers have a deep burgundy coloured central eye with a beautiful summer berry pink shade surrounding it.

The blooms soften to a paler pink as they age creating a stunning display. These really are a summer must have.

Van Gogh Tuscan Totem Pole Cypress Trees

And for something a little different, how about planting these elegant cypress trees.

The pencil thin trees make a superb evergreen feature in any garden and adds a certain Mediterranean charm. These are drought tolerant and work well in planters or open ground, However you choose to plant, they will certainly create a focal point.

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