Gardening expert demonstrates how to get rid of weeds

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Weeds can appear in gravel patios, pathways and borders making them look untidy. Removing them manually can be hard work and can take hours if the weeds are particularly bad. Choosing the right method for different types of weeds in all areas of the garden can be tricky.

Now, one expert has shared a “fast-acting” way to remove the troublesome plants without them coming back.

The plant expert said in a video for LoveTheGarden: “You turn your back for five minutes and unsightly weeds will pop up all over the place.

“I’ve noticed them appearing on flower beds and borders on the patio and on this gravel pathway.

“It can be confusing trying to choose the correct weed killer for all these different weeds in all these different areas of the garden.

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“That’s why I use Weedol Rootkill Plus.

“As the name suggests, it gets right down to the root of the problem, killing off the weed both above and below ground.

“It’s fast-acting and really easy to use.

“Spray over the weeds and you’ll see visible results in just two days.

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“Because it degrades in soil, you can replant in treated areas and children and pets don’t need to be kept away.”

The gardening expert showed viewers an area of the garden they treated a “few days ago”.

The weed has completely died right down to the root.

Weedol Rootkill Plus can be bought in a ready to use spray bottle or, for larger areas, a concentrate can be bought to dilute in a sprayer.

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Three litres of Weedol Root Kill Plus Weed Killer can be bought for £11 from Argos.

One litre of Weedol Rootkill Plus Weed Killer Gun can be bought from Wilko for £4.50.

Other more natural options for removing weeds from gravel include using salt or boiling water.

Iodised salt will kill the weeds completely.

However, gardeners should be aware the hack will sterilise the ground meaning no plants can grow there for years to come.

Pouring boiling water over the weeds will kill them without causing damage to the ground.

Some experts suggest using a flame to get rid of the plants but this should not be done during extremely dry weather.

Another natural tip is to use white vinegar and washing up liquid in a spray bottle.

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