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When contemplating winter garden care, many enthusiasts mistakenly believe that maintaining a green and lush lawn is unattainable due to cold and wet weather.

It’s a common oversight to suspend garden care until favourable conditions return, overlooking the fact that every garden constitutes a living ecosystem, persistently inhabited by microorganisms and animals even during the apparent dormancy of winter.

In winter, it is crucial to consistently attend to one’s green space as it enters a period of dormancy, marked by a gradual reduction in vegetative activity.

This state of rest continues until it comes to a complete halt in anticipation of spring.

In the dormant phase, the plant conserves energy, ready to utilise its accumulated reserves to thrive once again as the weather transitions into the warmer seasons.

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Fabio Banin – agronomist from STIGA –  Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of garden equipment shared his expert tips on how to maintain your garden during dormancy.

He emphasised the importance of trimming the lawn – to its usual height without cutting it lower – before the onset of winter.

The STIGA A1500 Autonomous Robot Mower, equipped with STIGA’s patented AGS (Active Guidance System) technology, is capable of intelligently recognising the garden’s shape and planning cutting sessions for a healthy, even, and lush lawn.

Once winter arrives, it is recommended to refrain from using thaw salt on driveways, as it can penetrate the soil and persist for years, hindering vegetation growth.

The expert also advised to discontinue watering and fertilising, as the dormant lawn is unable to absorb water or nutrients during this period.

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To maintain a healthy lawn, gardening enthusiasts can use a blower to remove fallen leaves rather than allowing them to accumulate.

A thick layer of leaves on the lawn creates a damp environment at ground level, fostering the development of mould and fungal pests.

The STIGA BL 100e and SAB 700 AE cordless blowers are ideal tools for keeping the garden clean and tidy.

Their lightweight and silent operation, coupled with ergonomic handles, ensure optimal comfort during use.

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