David Domoney shares his summer gardening tips

Joe Handley, outdoor product marketing manager at Black + Decker, said: “Although Britons may have a list as long as their arm for the garden jobs they want to get finished in time for summer barbecues, the school holidays and outdoor entertaining, I’d strongly advise against doing three tasks in the heat.

“Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, practicality or even a safety issue, see below my advice for what to take off your DIY to-do list this weekend.”

1. Painting

If you’re planning on giving anything in the garden a fresh lick of paint, it is recommended to hold off until the temperatures drop.

Not only do high temperatures make paint harder to work with and change the consistency, they also cause paint to dry more quickly.

Joe explained: “This rapid drying can lead to issues like brush marks, lap marks, and even an uneven finish, as this paint may not have enough time to level out and settle properly on the surface.”

Sam Jekinson, shed expert at Tiger, added: “Applying paint to outdoor buildings in excessively hot conditions can cause the paint to blister and peel.

“This occurs when paint dries too quickly on the surface, trapping solvents or moisture underneath, which later leads to the paint film lifting and separating from the substrate.”

If you must paint this weekend, the experts recommended doing it extremely early in the morning to beat the heat and sun.

2. Roof repairs

Performing roof work during high temperatures poses “significant health and safety risks”, according to Joe.

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Working on a roof exposes one to direct sunlight and the heat as well as the limited shade which can lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

The expert continued: “Additionally, sweating and increased humidity during hot weather can make the roof surface slippery. This poses a higher risk of falls and accidents, particularly when working at heights.

“Climbing ladders or navigating steep roofs in extreme heat can be dangerous and increase the likelihood of injuries.”

For urgent roof repairs, it is worth consulting a professional to help this weekend as opposed to a DIY approach.

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3. Building up furniture

High temperatures can also affect the properties of certain materials commonly used in furniture construction, such as wood, which can expand, warp and crack.

This can result in misaligned joints, compromised stability, or other structural issues in the furniture you are building.

Joe said: “Furthermore, heat can interfere with the performance of adhesives and finishes used in furniture construction.

“Glues and adhesives may dry too quickly, preventing proper bonding, while finishes can dry unevenly or develop bubbles and imperfections. These issues can comprise the strength, durability, and overall appearance of the furniture.”

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