Peace Lily: The best ways to keep you plants looking good

Peace lilies are amazing to have in the home and can bring several benefits to owners, including purifying the air. However, just because they are low maintenance, it doesn’t mean they will bloom or grow as expected. A gardening expert has shared four mistakes to avoid making in order for houseplants to thrive this summer.

Not watering correctly

Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at, told “Your peace lily should be placed in a bright spot somewhere out of direct sunlight.

“You will need to water our peace lily regularly, ensuring the compost is kept moist but not soaking wet.

“However, if the leaves start to wilt, this is a sign that it needs more water. Try to ensure the compost stays moist at all times.”

If the leaves begin to droop and turn yellow, hold back on the watering as this is a sign it has been overwatered.

Where possible, peace lily owners should use filtered water to hydrate their plants because they can be sensitive to tap water.

Tap water can contain lots of chemicals including fluoride which may prevent the houseplant from thriving.

To water a peace lily, make sure the top couple of inches of soil are dry before going in with more water. Also, avoid allowing the plant to sit in water as this will contribute to root rot.

According to the expert, root rot is a “lethal infection” which can “kill” this houseplant, so it should try to be avoided at all times.

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A pencil or chopstick can be used to test if the plant needs more water or if the soil is still wet, and if it is, hold back on giving it any more moisture.

If you’re scared of watering the peace lily too much, make sure to mist it with tepid water daily to keep humidity levels high.

Not the correct position

Fiona explained: “Too much sunlight can kill your peace lily. While peace lilies enjoy bright light, it’s important that they are not placed in direct sunlight.”

According to the gardening experts, this is because they easily become scorched and will die off quickly.

They can survive in low light rooms, but they will also appreciate some indirect sunlight in order to thrive throughout the season.

Whatever position they are located in, make sure it is a humid room as they are native to tropical rainforests.

The expert recommended placing them in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom as long as they are out of direct sunlight.

Not repotting

Houseplants typically need to be repotted every 12 to 18 months, depending on how fast they grow. Signs a plant may need a pot upgrade include roots coming out of the bottom of the pot.

Signs a peace lily needs a new home also include recurrent wilting despite keeping up with its other needs.

When looking for a new pot, make sure it is slightly bigger than the current home. However, peace lilies do grow well when their roots are slightly restricted so it is best not to go too large in size.

Not performing basic care

Fiona continued: “During the spring and summer months, feed your peace lily with liquid plant food.

“Also, deadhead any spent blooms and wipe over the leaves regularly to remove dust and ensure they photosynthesise well.”

Feeding and deadheading throughout the season will keep them healthy and produce lots of attractive blooms.

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