Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

Using garden plants as a deterrent is a great way to keep rodents out of the garden while also adding gorgeous colour and scent into outdoor spaces.

1. Mint

Georgios Likopoulous from Fantastic Pest Control said: “You can cut off some access points for rodents by growing mint beds around the garden.

“Mint is very unpleasant to rats. In addition to growing mint, you can use it to flavour your food and beverages.”

2. Garlic

According to the pest control expert, garlic is a “repulsive” plant for rats, meaning they will “hesitate” before they get too close.

Try planting garlic around the garden or squirting garlic water down any nearby rat burrows, making them leave and look for a new home.

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3. Lavender

The pest control expert explained: “For rats, smell plays an important role in finding food and avoiding dangers or repulsive scents.

“A scent that humans love, lavender, has quite the opposite effect on rats. Its potent smell can discourage them from finding food.

“This is why they avoid plants like this. A good place to plant it is near decks, garden structures, and areas around the garden where rats might congregate.”

4. Herbs

Britons should plant herbs such as basil and thyme around the edge of the garden to keep rats out, making sure there are none in the garden to begin with.

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The strong smell of basil and thyme will make a garden “uninhabitable” for rodents to live in because they dislike the scents so strongly.

5. Onions

The pest expert continued: “You can either plant onions in your garden or place them at the most common points of entry for rats.

“The moment they smell it, they will run. Place a new onion every few days or else it will rot. Onions, however, can be dangerous if you have pets.

“Growing leeks, onions and garlic in beds is an effective way to discourage rats and several other pests from entering your garden.”

As well as planting, make sure the garlic is nice and tidy so that there are no places for the animals to hide.

If possible, remove any bird feeding stations or use a cover to stop the rats as well as squirrels from reaching the food.

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