Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) erratic behaviour in the aftermath of the accident is only continuing to escalate, and nobody is feeling it more than Tane (Ethan Browne).

At a loss at how to deal with his fiancee, he takes out his anger on John (Shane Withington) when the WiFi at the Surf Club goes down. He gets so aggressive that he draws stares, and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is forced to drag Tane away.

Dean asks Tane what’s going on, and he admits that Felicity has been struggling mentally since the crash. Dean says that he was horrible after his car crash, but Ziggy stood by his side and supported him – that’s all Tane can do for Felicity.

At home later, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) brings up Tane’s angry outburst and questions what the real reason behind it was. Tane thinks Felicity just needs time and support, and Nikau is appeased. However, this doesn’t last long as Nikau goes to grab some fresh towels from the cupboard – only to discover Felicity’s alcohol stash wedged in there.

When Felicity gets home, she goes straight to her alcohol stash – only to find it empty. She turns around and sees Nikau, looking disapproving and wanting answers. Felicity pretends it’s just leftover booze from the party, but Nikau isn’t buying it. She begs him not to tell Tane, and he reluctantly agrees.

Later, after speaking with John (Shane Withington), Nikau decides he has to tell both Tane and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) about Felicity’s alcohol problem. When she is confronted, Felicity enters full denial mode.

However, when they find bottles in her bag, Felicity is cornered and feels ganged up on. She reacts by walking out and moving into the caravan park…

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