Gardening expert on how to keep your garden free of weeds

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There are a huge number of weed variations, but UK gardens typically tend to inhabit weeds in the form of thistles, dandelions, couch grass and clovers to name a few. They tend to pop up through cracks and corners of paths, but also smother large expanses of the lawn and once they appear, they can seem hard to get rid of. However, before succumbing to chemical-based weed killers, maybe consider three poison-free alternatives first.

Gardening experts at National Greenhouse told how there are three natural alternative ways to kill garden weeds and they barely cost a thing.

The experts named using “boiling water” as a “fast and effective way” to kill weeds.

They said: “If you’ve been gardening for a while, you’ll know that using strong, chemical based weed killers can be harmful to other plants and garden wildlife. 

“Using boiling water is a fast and effective way to kill stubborn weeds whilst protecting the rest of your garden.”

The heat collapses the plant’s cell structure and within days, you’ll start to see it start to shrivel and die.

Some hardy weeds may need more than one boiling water treatment.

Using this method makes it easier to pull and remove the weeds from beds and borders.

If you’re using this method on the lawn, take the opportunity to plant new seeds on top after the weeds have been removed because they’ll find it harder to re-sprout through thick and healthy grass.

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Another simple solution can be to “dig up the weeds at the root”, says the gardening pros.

They said: “What better way to get rid of weeds than digging them up completely? 

“Using a tool of your choice, or your hands, pull those garden weeds from the root. 

“Make sure to get the whole plant and to not leave any debris behind.”

True, it’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s certainly stood the test of time. 

Digging up weeds is one of those trusty, all-natural methods that, when done properly, works wonders.

Use a garden fork or a hand trowel, and gently lever them out of the soil, aiming to remove all of the root system to prevent rapid regrowth.

This is ideal if you only have one or two weeds in your garden, but if you have a lawn full of them, you might want to invest in a weed pulling tool.

More of a preventative measure, mulch is a great way to stop weeds from taking over gardens.

The experts said: After killing your original weeds, a popular way to improve garden health, appearance, and to prevent weeds, is using mulch. 

“Mulch comes in both biodegradable and nonbiodegradable forms, and it is the nonbiodegradable forms that will prevent your weeds from reappearing.”

These are materials such as slate or fabric sheets.

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