Interflora provides advice on making flowers last longer

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Dried flowers are freshly cut flowers that have had the moisture taken out of them. The process usually involves hanging the flowers upside down in a warm space to allow them to slowly and naturally dehydrate. The resulting flowers are extremely low maintenance while still capturing the beauty of nature and can look fantastic in any room of the home, an office or reception area. It is important to be aware that dried flowers will look different to fresh flowers, and that their appearance may change over time.

It would be great to have summer flowers such as hydrangeas and dahlias all year round, but flowers don’t work that way.

Some flowers only bloom at a certain time of year since they are affected by the seasons, the changing weather, and other natural changes.

That’s why gardeners can’t always get their favourite flowers during the winter.

Dried flowers are a great alternative since they last so much longer than fresh flowers, and even longer if they’re dyed.

The gardening experts at The Stem shared “super easy” dried flower care tips to keep them lasting as long as possible.

They explained: “Dried flowers are a great choice for those looking for a longer lasting bouquet that looks great in the home. 

“They are super easy to care for, and with our tips you can ensure they’ll stay looking stunning for many years to come.”

The experts shared how it is essential not to water dried flowers.

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While everyone knows that it’s important to provide fresh flower bouquets with plenty of water, the last thing people should do is rehydrate a dehydrated bouquet.

The plant experts said: “Dried blooms have had the water purposefully removed from them, and as a result the stems are going to be weaker and more brittle. 

“Adding water will weaken the stems and eventually cause mould.”

A warm, dry environment is what dried flowers need.

They have also explained how it is best to keep them away from the “hustle and bustle” of daily life.

Dried flowers will fade much faster if exposed to direct sunlight. 

While all dried flowers will naturally fade over time, to keep their colour for as long as possible, don’t put them on windowsills or near windows where the sun rays could speed up the process.

Keeping the flowers in “airy” conditions was also suggested by the experts.

They said: “Dried flowers can be a little sensitive to temperature fluctuations. 

“Placing them in a room where there is good airflow can be advantageous.”

Anywhere stuffy or damp might affect the flowers, as if they become moist, mould can occur. 

Checking their stems frequently can help ensure no moisture is getting trapped in the vase and that they remain dry.

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