Garden tips: How to maintain your lawn

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Sean Lade, gardening expert and founder of Easy Garden Irrigation explained the damaging effect paddling pools can have on creating a green, luscious lawn. He said: “If you have children, you are most likely to own an inflatable paddling pool or consider purchasing one as the temperature increases. Whilst these are a great affordable idea to keep your children entertained and cool on a hot summer’s day, many do not realise the effect it can have on your grass until it is too late. You can easily end up with a crater-like patch of dead grass where green should be.”

Too much of a good thing can be bad and this applies to many things, including watering your lawn.

Excess water affects healthy grass growth. 

A waterlogged lawn could pave the way to the spread of pests and diseases. 

In addition, overwatering could drown the grass plants, causing unsightly, patchy areas or yellowed vegetation.

For those who don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, there are some simple lawn care tips to try to prevent this from happening.

Giving lawns a mighty drink when emptying the paddling pool might sound like a good idea, but tipping it all out in one go could mean Britons end up over-watering in certain areas. 

Sean advised: “Never tip water out onto the grass.”

He pointed out that it’s most likely the grass will have received a fair amount of water throughout the day from children splashing the water out of the pool.

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He added: “Instead, you should take a watering can, bucket, or jug and use the unwanted water on the rest of the garden.”

Of course, this is provided that the water is clean and you haven’t added any chemicals to it.

Those looking for water-saving tips, they could also save this water in a water butt to use on their plants at a later date. 

It is also advised to move your pool around the garden.

Leaving inflatable pools in one spot for long amounts of time will block the grass and soil underneath from being exposed to important sunlight and air. 

This will cause it to dry out and eventually die. 

Sean said: “I recommend moving the paddling pool to a different spot each day to avoid this.”

If you’ve added a paddling pool as part of your small garden ideas, however, this may be more difficult.

Sean suggested: “So, if you do not want to risk damage to your grass, the only other solution is to empty the water daily and move the paddling pool off the grass completely.”

The best solution to ensure grass isn’t affected by inflatable pools this summer is to seek an alternative spot to set up the pool, such as a patio. 

Sean said: “This way, your children can enjoy time in their inflatable pool all summer long and your grass can remain in perfect condition.”

Patios are great bases for creating shade in gardens too and are vital for protecting kids in the paddling pool when the sun is at its strongest.

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