Learn how to care for Christmas cactus and poinsettias

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Christmas centrepieces can be expensive, especially if homeowners are buying them pre-made. Seasonal flowers such as poinsettias, amaryllis and red roses are a more affordable way to bring colour into the home at Christmas. The Greenhouse People, The UK’s leading greenhouse manufacturer, have shared how to use seasonal flowers in a centrepiece to create a beautiful festive centrepiece.


Poinsettias are especially popular at this time of year with over eight million sold every year in the UK.

The plant is commonly used as a decoration at Christmas and is actually native to Mexico.

Poinsettias, when cut up, can last around two weeks.

The plant needs to be cut at the desired length and then their stems tipped in boiling water for a few seconds to remove the white sap.

The poinsettia needs to be placed in cold water immediately and the water kept clean.

Poinsettias look great when arranged around large candles in a wreath shape around the base with seasonal greenery.

Red roses

Red roses traditionally have connotations with romance but they also make great Christmas blooms as they’re so widely available.

For homeowners keeping their decorations simple, the stems look good placed in tall glass vases.

The experts recommend cutting away leaves so they don’t rot in the water.

More intricate designs include winter greenery with red roses among them.

Sprigs of holly with berries can also be added for a more festive look.

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Amaryllis are known for their bold flowers and bright colours, making them the perfect festive plant.

The plants are easy to grow with six to eight weeks to flower.

Bulbs planted in mid-September will begin to bloom at Christmas.

The stems can be cut and nestled into a vase with other flowers and foliage.

The stems need to be cut at an angle and placed in room temperature water.

Amaryllis looks great with berry sprigs or battery-operated fairy lights for a more exotic look.

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Hyacinth come in a range of colours to suit any Christmas theme.

The plant will be producing blooms now and are easy to care for.

They look best in a tall vase with a small opening which gives them support.

For a pretty centrepiece look, stems can be dotted around in tall glass vases on the table.

These need to be kept in a cool space and well-watered so they last up to 10 days.


For those who don’t like cut flowers, seasonal greenery can look just as effective.

Berries, cones, twigs and holly can all look great weaved into a table centrepiece.

Some leaves and berries can be toxic when eaten or touched so be careful when foraging.

Herbs like rosemary, bay and sage are also a great way to bring greenery to a table.

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