With the hot weather heating up parts of the country, pool covers are being tossed aside and everyone is jumping right in to cool water as fast as humanly possible. And while it's plenty fun to drift solo in the pool or lake, the experience is hardly complete without a fleet of pool floats. If last summer's pool floats have popped and you're simply over spending money on something that's bound to break, ameliorate your floating woes by shopping the nearly indestructible Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float on Amazon.

Rather than having to pump air into the entire thing, this hammock is mostly made from a mesh fabric, with the two pillows on either end the only part requiring inflation. The hammock is easy to board, thanks to the mesh seat that rests in the water — no jumping on or off required. It can even be converted into multiple designs, like a chair, drifter, and exercise saddle, allowing you to position it however you prefer.  

Buy It! Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float, $14.97 (orig. $15.99); amazon.com

After use, the pool float can be folded up and quickly inflated for next time — helping to prevent any holes — and it can even be packed up and taken on vacation since it's so compact. Slide onto it in the pool, lake, or ocean to stay cool all summer long. Plus it comes in a number of colors, including lime green, burgundy, and orange. 

Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about this pool float, which has picked up over 27,000 five-star ratings and an Amazon's Choice stamp of approval. Reviewers say there's a "million reasons why these rock," including the fact that it's "super comfortable," built from a "thick material that shouldn't get holes," and feels "like floating on air."

"We saw these while vacationing and immediately ordered five of them," one five-star reviewer says. "Once we got our floaties at the beach, so many people asked us where we got them and how they could get one. We would take them out in the water and have a floating happy hour with our friends. I will be ordering several more of these for the lake as they don't take up much room on the boat." 

"This is the most dangerously comfortable pool float I've ever been on," another shopper says. "Purchase with caution! You will not want to get up/out of the pool. I already fell asleep in my pool and got a sunburn. This float keeps enough of your body under water to keep you cool. It also supports your head nicely without being uncomfortable on your neck. My dog loves it too." 

Stay cool this summer by shopping the Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float starting at just $14.97 on Amazon. 

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